Organizational Partnership

Partnering with us as an organization offers an opportunity to enhance the relationships and health of your team, staff, or larger community. Together, we can tailor programs, workshops, and resources to meet the unique needs of your organization. Let's collaborate to promote a healthy and sustainable organizational culture and environment for your members, employees, and/or participants.

Care for your Organization

We flexibly adapt to the current needs of your team or organization. We identify and pursue organic and sustainable solutions to assist you in removing barriers and achieving your goals. We collaborate with you on determining the approach that works best for your team or organization. 

Individual Care and Development

We are well versed at individual development and conflict resolution. We can support individuals that are in need of additional care or that need a greater investment in their development to function more smoothly within a team or organizational culture.

Staff Training

We can develop, enhance or even reset your organizational culture for your team or staff. We can work collaboratively with you or the whole group to identify what is working and what isn’t. We’ll pinpoint options for moving to a system that works better for everyone.

Special Events, Workshops, & Retreats

Bring us in for special events. We can pare down our regular offerings to introduce you and your team to what we do.  Our goal is to provide content and experiential learning to help your people develop and grow.

Leadership Consulting

We are able to come along side you as a leader in your organization. Leaders can often get isolated in their role and don’t always have people around them that can challenge them with kindness and effectiveness. We can step into that role for you in a short-term or a long-term capacity.

Care For Your Church


Individual Care and Development

Our expertise is in personal healing and growth, whether for church staff or congregation members. We're able to care for and support individuals by improving relational connection and personal development within a family, marriage, team, or organizational setting.

Team Care & Training

We specialize in shaping, improving, and revitalizing your team’s organizational culture, both for staff and volunteers. Whether working closely with you or the entire group, we'll help determine what's effective and what's not. Together, we'll explore approaches leading to more effective outcomes for all involved.

Special Events, Workshops, & Retreats

Whether it’s a staff seminar, congregation-wide workshop, or a retreat, we bring content and experiential learning to help your people develop and grow.  We offer content in the areas of parenting, marriage, small groups, ministry training, intimacy with God, and more…  

Church Leadership Consulting

We can support pastors, elder teams, or executive teams. Leaders frequently find themselves isolated in their positions, lacking individuals who can offer honest feedback with empathy and guidance for how to move forward. We can fill that role for you, whether it's for a brief period or an extended duration.

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