Facilitating Holistic and Lasting change

Individual care and development

We promote and facilitate holistic and lasting change for individuals, couples, families, and communities

Bridging The Gap

The Church

Our experience has often been that churches primarily offer weekend services, small groups, and serving opportunities to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the individuals in their congregation.  We believe that individual care and mentorship does happen, but often there is a lack of training, time, and/or consistency to really advance individual growth and change.  In many cases, the primary option is to refer individuals outside the church to a mental health professional. 

Mental Healthcare

Traditionally, mental health professionals have relied primarily on one-on-one therapy to support an individual’s emotional healing and growth.  Well established research indicates that a social support system is a crucial companion to one-on-one care, but legal and ethical standards for therapists restrict them from participating with or even being in the same community space as their clients.  This can leave clients feeling alone and unsupported in having to find and develop an adequate social support system on their own.

5 areas of engagement

Our integrated approach focuses on mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing and growth. We have identified five areas of engagement that we believe, when integrated, promote holistic and lasting change.
Individual Care and Development
Focused personal care through traditional therapy, spiritual direction, prayer counseling or life coaching to facilitate spiritual, emotional, and relational healing and growth.
Small Groups
General and specialized weekly meetings to pursue mutual spiritual, emotional and relational healing and growth.
Spiritual Gatherings
Engaging in prayer and worship within a larger spiritual community.
Social Events
Fun and social opportunities of many shapes and sizes.
Community Outreach
Developing organic relationships in the local community for the purpose of discovering and meeting individual and community needs.

What is Individual Care and Development?

We view care and development as complementary.  They are two sides of the same coin.  Both are interconnected and vital for holistic and lasting change.  Care is focused on bringing healing to the wounds of our past and our present.  Development is focused on growth - discovering more about who we are and how to live out of the best version of ourselves.

A team Dedicated to you

Who We Are

Our team has a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds that bring the best from various fields to help us provide integrated care and development.  We have Master’s and Doctorate level mental health professionals, Spiritual Directors with Master’s degrees in Theology and also Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. We have former pastors, ministry leaders, and business owners.

What We Do

Our collaborative team and integrated approach allows us to provide the following one-to-one services: traditional therapy, spiritual direction, life coaching, and prayer counseling.  We will help you find the best option for you. 

We Are Healthy Caretakers

We believe that in order to give, you have to first receive.  In other words, we can’t help others grow in ways that we haven’t grown ourselves. Our team at The Open Table give a significant amount of weekly time to our own individual care and development. We seek to care for others from a place of mental, emotional, and spiritual fullness.

Personal Care

We are all on our own individual journeys, but we rarely succeed by walking them alone. We invite you to explore the various options we offer for individual care and development.

Care for Your Organization

Our team has a wide range of prior experience, training and education, but our common experience is in developing a healthy and sustainable organizational culture and environment. From workshops to strategy meetings to individual support, we believe in and pursue the value of each member of your team and the health of your organizational culture.

Get Involved

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At The Open Table some services are offered for free, some at a discounted rate, and some are set at market rate.  
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