Individual Care & Development

This is the primary focus of The Open Table - personal care through a variety of methods to facilitate emotional, relational, and spiritual healing and growth. We believe that everyone has a different story and your path to healing and growth should uniquely match that story.

What Makes Us Different

Personalized Care

Traditional therapy can be very helpful, but isn’t right for everyone. We not only offer quality therapeutic services, we also offer spiritual direction, life coaching, prayer counseling, and consulting options as well. Ask us about the differences or read more below to find what might work best for you.

More Than Crisis Management

We can help you through a crisis, but our services aren’t only for people going through a particularly difficult situation. We believe that as much or more growth and positive change can happen when we are not in crisis. Our goal for each individual we work with is not just “good enough”. We believe that each of us can experience the freedom of living out the best version of ourselves.

Integrated Support

Many mental health professionals advise clients to build a support system and engage socially. However, they can't participate in clients' social activities outside therapy. At The Open Table, we offer diverse groups and events, recognizing that lasting change often demands more than weekly therapy. Discover how our activities support your growth and well-being beyond the therapy room.

Individual Care & Development

Growth and healing is the destination, but there is more than one way to get there. We offer a variety of options for individual care and development.

Traditional Therapy

Part of our staff are trained mental health professionals that are able to provide quality and compliant mental health services. Therapy has been scientifically proven to be an effective way for an individual to experience positive change in every area of their life.

Life Coaching

Similar to traditional therapy, Life coaching also focuses on the one-on-one relationship, but can also be more oriented toward practical actions to promote positive change. Life coaching is more flexible than traditional therapy so it can be more easily tailored to what is most helpful for you.

Spiritual Direction

Just like life coaching, spiritual direction has the flexibility to adjust to what works best for you. Spiritual direction tends to be more singularly focused on the impact that an individual’s worldview, belief system, and spiritual life have on the rest of their life choices and daily experience.

Prayer Counseling

In some ways, prayer counseling is a combination of life coaching and spiritual direction. This approach is more actively engaged in walking an individual through their story and facilitating the individual’s view of their past to align with their spiritual beliefs.

Groups help you develop further

Our small groups are intended for individuals to have a regular and trustworthy space to process their individual care and development journey with others on a similar path.  These groups not only foster continued healing and growth but also provide opportunity to develop additional relationships that will support your healing and growth. These groups allow you to explore deeper relational connections and develop stronger support on your journey towards holistic and lasting change.

Specialty Groups With You in Mind

While many of our groups are generally accessible, we also develop groups for individuals with specific needs or circumstances. For example, we have or desire to have groups for mental health professionals, first responders, pastors and ministry leaders, nurses, and teachers among others. Many of these groups are intended for those that serve and care for others. Unfortunately, the reality for many people that care for others is that they give much more than they receive.  We believe that we can only truly offer others what we have received ourselves.  Our desire for you is to receive the care and support you need so that you might serve others from a heart of overflow, not from an empty cup.      

Taking Your Care and Development A Step Further

To provide the best care possible, in addition to one-on-one individual meetings, we offer small groups, spiritual gatherings, social gatherings, and community outreach. You are free to participate in as much or as little as you like, but we believe that each of these areas are important to be integrated into our lives for lasting and holistic change.

Spiritual Gatherings

Engaging in prayer and worship within a larger spiritual community

Social Events

Fun and social opportunities of many shapes and sizes.

Community Outreach 

Developing organic relationships in the local community for the purpose of discovering and meeting individual and community needs.

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